Siomay Bandung


Siska cooked this for a gathering event in Cyberjaya for 8 people.

Siomay Bandung - catering for 8 pax

Siomay Bandung - for 1 pax









Siomay Bandung
(Bahasa Indonesia)


[A] 200 gr ikan tenggiri tanpa tulang, tanpa kulit 200 gram of boneless and skinless Spanish Mackerel
[A] 75 gr labu siam parut 75 gram of Chayote
[A] 1.5 sdm minyak wijen 1.5 tbs of sesame oil
[A] 1.5 sdt garam 1.5 tsp of salt
[A] 1.5 sdt gula 1.5 tsp of sugar
[A] 3 bawang merah 3 shallot
[A] 3 bawang putih 3 garlic
[A] 1 telur 1 egg
[B]  125 gr sagu/tapioka 125 gram of sago flour/tapioca
[C] 1 daun bawang cincang 1 chopped scallions

Blender [A], then adds [B] little by little until become the paste, add [C] and steam them. You can combine the siomay with potato, bean curd, cabbage, boiled egg, etc.

This time, Siska did not use the chayote (labu siam). And for the combination she used potato, bean curd, cabbage, and boiled egg.  For a party of 8 she made 4 receipe above.

Siomay Bandung - The Paste

Siomay Tahu (Siomay with Beancurd) - before steamed

Siomay Kentang (Siomay with Potato) - before steamed



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